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We are happy that you decided to pay us a visit, please feel free to peruse all of our beautiful wallets. We manufacture our wallets in various colors with six different types of leathers.We also produce various styles of wallets for men and women. Some of our styles are unique and different. Being a US based manufacturer, our focus is on quality and producing worldclass quality wallets is our mantra. We strive to create world class products that meet all of your expectations. We feel that our wallets fill a much needed niche in the market. We hope that when you peruse our collections that you will see the quality that is imbued in every piece. Each of our wallets is handcrafted with meticulous attention paid to all of the details that you find lacking in cheaper products. We have been manufacturing wallets for over ten years and have a small following of dedicated resellers and boutiques that have been carrying our products.We are perfect for small to medium sized production runs of small leather goods because the products that we focus on are typically unsuitable to be imported from other countries. You will find us to be a strategic partner in your business operations and we hope to earn your continued business by producing worldclass wallets. The reason that our customers continue to return to us is our committment to quality and our ability to supply relatively small quantities of wallets in a short period of time. Our customers find that their customers appreciate the quality offered by our products and will continue to shop at our customers for high quality leather products. We are a multi-line leather distributor of high-quality leather products including leather accessories, leather jackets, briefcases, pratesi, briefbags, day planners, portfolios, and other designer items produced around the world, all either Made in Italy or utilizing the famous full-grain leather produced in the storied region of Tuscany!; Currently our lineup features fabulous leather backpacks, and computer briefcases. All of our products are exquisitely crafted by the most skilled artisans in the leather trade, only from the most prestigious designers. We also have our own line of leather offered in the Firenze Collection. Not to mention that we also carry Italian leather wallets . Our latest addition happens to be a number of swimsuits and our new backpacks are absolutely stunning. We welcome all inquiries regarding any of our leather gift items.